Mazda's Clubhouse of Driving Passion

Mazda's Clubhouse of Driving Passion

The Clubhouse of Driving Passion is the fusion of our product and experiential values. It is a promise to our customers of the experience they should expect when they visit a Mazda dealership – an experience that is as exhilarating as the time they spend behind the wheel. A promise of the lasting bond we seek to establish with them and of the contribution we desire to make to enrich their lives. Our role at Mazda is not to merely provide a series of transactions to our customers, but to build relationships and become that of a trusted partner.

At Mazda, we see automotive dealerships as much more than a place for transactions; more than branded buildings to sell and service cars. Working together, we believe our dealership environments have the opportunity to become the epicentre of driving passion. Places where driving enthusiasts can experience and interact with a brand that truly celebrates driving. Places where people can be one with you, with us and with the Mazda brand.

The Clubhouse of Driving Passion is the next step in our brand value management and is an integrated component of our cultural transformation. The journey began with Ignite the passion, when together we committed to delivering an elevated customer experience to differentiate Mazda in Canada from pervasive industry stereotypes. We can and must become the one and only automotive brand of choice through delivering on our common purpose and through total commitment to create, embed and sustain a customer-first culture that ignites passion in the people we serve. 

As we launch the Clubhouse of Driving Passion, we work at building the only place to fully deliver our unique Mazda brand, product values and experiences worthy of the world-class vehicles that we craft. 

Together, we have been building momentum towards delivering the finest automotive experiences and the time is right to make that promise public. Welcome to the Clubhouse of Driving Passion. We’re excited to embark on this journey together.

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